We know your daily jog is half joyful and your creativity unveils only partly without those popular chartbusters ringing in the ears. Be it iPod Shuffle, Classic, Nano or Touch of any generation, bank on us for your iPod service to bring the magic of digital music back into your routine. Stylish iPod accessories, spare parts, data recovery, or diagnostics, with eServe, you are assured of 100% reliable service in a pleasant ambience. Any iPod repair will guarantee you non-stop music and extended satisfaction with 3-month warranty and authorized insurance. Call us or book your job online and watch us serve you efficiently.


Apple iPod Repairs:

Below price guide are starting prices for some common services of iPod Touch 1.

Please contact our helpful staff for exact quote for your specific model.

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iPod Price Indicatorstarts from
iPod Screen Replacement$69 + GST
iPod Glass Replacement$69 + GST
iPod Home/Menu Button Repair$59 + GST
iPod Lock/Power Button Repair$59 + GST
iPod Battery Replacement$59 + GST
iPod Back Cover Replacement$89 + GST
iPod Restoration/Password Removal$49 + GST
iPod Camera Replacement$49 + GST
iPod Microphone Replacement$49 + GST
iPod Speaker Replacement$49 + GST
iPod Charging Dock Replacement$89 + GST
iPod Diagnosis$29 + GST
iPod Liquid/Water Damaged Repair$89 + GST