Your old and trusted personal computer has become a laggard? Your Macbook’s display needs replacement? Your precious data need to be retrieved from your PC or laptop? Whatever your repair or service need be, eServe is ready to restore your device in no time. Our transparent pricing, competitive service, quality repair work, and quick turn-around will never fail to impress you. While our qualified and eager-to-serve technicians will diagnose your broken Mac or personal computer in minutes, our latest technology platforms, spare parts and skilled engineers will ensure your Mac or PC is up and running in as less as 30 minutes.

We ensure your business or your personal work is never affected with authorized insurance and 3-month service warranty on all PC and laptop repairs. What more, you can drop by for a pleasant in-store service experience or just call us to arrange a pick up for your PC or laptop.


Apple Mac Repairs:

Below price guide are starting prices for some common services of MacBook.

Mac Repair Price-Indicatorstarts from
MacBook LED Screen Replacement$199 + GST
MacBook LCD Screen Replacement$199 + GST
MacBook Power Port Repair$129 + GST
MacBook Hard Drive Repair$129 + GST
MacBook Keyboard Replacement$129 + GST
MacBook Data Recovery$89 + GST
MacBook Battery Replacement$149 + GST
MacBook SuperDrive Replacement$149 + GST
MacBook Camera Replacement$89 + GST
MacBook Microphone Replacement$89 + GST
MacBook Speaker Replacement$89 + GST
MacBook Fan Replacement$89 + GST
MacBook Port Replacement$129 + GST
Mac Diagnosis$39 + GST
MacBook Liquid/Water Damaged Repair$189 + GST



PC Laptop Repair:

Below price guide are starting prices for some common models of laptops.

PC Price Indicatorstarts from
Laptop LED Screen Replacement$99 + GST
Laptop LCD Screen Replacement$129 + GST
Laptop Power Port Repair$89 + GST
Laptop Hard Drive Repair$129 + GST
Laptop Keyboard Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Data Recovery$89 + GST
Laptop Battery Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Optical Drive Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Camera Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Microphone Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Speaker Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Fan Replacement$69 + GST
Laptop Port Replacement$89 + GST
Laptop Diagnosis$39 + GST
Laptop Liquid/Water Damaged Repair$149 + GST