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New iPhone XS 8s 2018 release date, price & specification rumours

iPhone XS 8s release date, price & specification rumours

Three new iPhones are due in September, with the larger than ever iPhone 8s, iPhone 8s Plus and iPhone SE 2 each sporting Apple’s new all-screen notch display. Here’s a complete guide on what to expect from the 2018 iPhones.

There’s a lot of debate over what the new iPhone in 2018 will be called. Apple confused the situation somewhat in 2017 by releasing an iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus) and an iPhone X, pronounced ‘ten’. Usually we would expect to see the iPhone 8 followed by an 8s, then 9, 9s, and finally 10.
That can’t realistically happen now, so it’s quite possible that Apple will drop its numbering scheme and we’ll get simply iPhone (2018) and iPhone Plus (2018). And rather than a follow-up to the new-design iPhone X, the standard iPhone line will simply incorporate its new features. The bad news is that should mean we’re in for a price rise, too.
There is such a huge number of rumours surrounding these new devices – none of them confirmed by Apple – and so many rumour round-ups that go on for several thousand words and leave you just as baffled as when you began reading. In this article we’re going back to basics for you – an idiot’s guide, if you will, to what to expect from the next iPhone.
When is the iPhone 8s coming out?
The invitations have not yet gone out, but history tells us the iPhone announcement will take place in mid-September 2018. The most likely iPhone 8s release date is Wednesday 12 September, but we’ll confirm when we know more.
Analysts aren’t agreed on whether or not a third model carrying a 6.1in LCD screen will launch beside these new iPhones in September or if it will come later in November. You can read more about the iPhone SE 2 here.
Code has been found in the fifth beta of iOS 12 that points to the possibility of dual-SIM iPhones for the first time, but whether these models will become available in the UK or US remains to be seen.

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